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Driveway repair in Andover

Does your driveway need repairing? Look no further than Ace Driveways for the best driveway repair in Andover. We have years of experience in repairing driveways particularly concrete driveways, block paving driveways and tarmac driveways.

The best Andover driveway repair

At Ace Driveways, we have provided a complete driveway repair Andover service for all driveway type. Regardless of your driveway size, we have the facilities and equipment to repair all types of driveways. We use our driveways every day and it is inevitable that there will be a level of general wear and tear involved.  Not to mention damage from factors such as the weather, age, and damage.

Over time, a common problem that affects driveways is the dispersal of sand joints which can lead to tiles sinking or spreading. This will have a major impact on the driveway’s appearance and usefulness. Our driveway refurbishment service is second-to-none and we can rectify most problems that affect driveways.

Our team can also restore pattern imprinted concrete driveways to their former glory as well as tarmac driveways which only require another layer of tarmac. If you have a tiled driveway, our team can find the right tile and replace the damaged tile(s). All remedial works not be conducted for cosmetic purposes and will ensure your driveway lasts for many years.

Why choose Ace Driveways

With many companies offering Andover driveway repair services, it can be hard for you the customer to decide what company to choose. After all, you are probably thinking anyone can repair a driveway right? This is wrong as you will need an expert company with years of experience in driveways to repair your driveway in Andover.

To make your decision easier, we have listed factors why you should choose our company above other driveway repair providers:

  • Our prices are competitive
  • No obligation quotes
  • Quick driveway service
  • We repair huge selection of driveways
  • High levels of customer satisfaction

All Andover driveway repairs will be completed by our experienced team. With years of experience in the industry, all customers can expect a comprehensive service from the team at Ace Driveways.


We strongly recommend to all of our customers before they choose our driveway repair in Andover service that they visit our galleries. Visit to see how our block paving process and tarmacadam process.

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