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New Patios in Salisbury

Are you tired of your old and beaten patio? If you have answered yes, get in touch with Ace Driveways today for new patios in Salisbury that have to be seen to be believed. Choice is our forté with a wide selection of options to satisfy all preferences and any budget.

Our Salisbury new patios

At Ace Driveways, our team specialise in delivering the finest bespoke solutions in all of Salisbury. New patios installed by our team will provide you with the perfect spot to chill out with a book or host a delicious summer barbeque. New patios are a fantastic addition to any home and will instantly increase the value of your property. At Ace Driveways, we supply low-maintenance solutions that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How can Ace Driveways assist you with your Salisbury new patios?

When considering which company to choose, it pays to hire a business renowned for delivering unbeatable quality. Our team are the best there is and with prices that are this affordable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call sooner.

New Patios in Salisbury

Before work can commence on your new patios in Salisbury, we will first conduct a thorough survey of your site. This will allow us to put together a quote that is tailored to you. We recognise the importance of a surface that suitably complements the appearance of your property. To create the most unique new patios Salisbury has seen, we offer a range of colour schemes and materials that includes:

  • Dry-laid flagstone
  • Exterior tile
  • Mortared cut stone
  • Stained concrete
  • Stamped concrete to name a few

Once you have settled on your chosen design, our Salisbury team will go to work installing your new patios. We carry out all work in the strictest compliance with health and safety while demonstrating the utmost respect for you and your property. Our aim is to complete installation of your patio as quickly as possible. Should any additional work be required, we will seek your approval first before proceeding.

If that wasn’t enough, we can also provide unbeatable landscaping services to give your new patios in Salisbury that professional look. If you are interested in having your patio done or in finding out more about any of our other services, get in touch with our team today.

What are the benefits of having a new patio added to your property?

Long gone are the days where patios were considered to be an insignificant part of a property. Nowadays, we realise their potential and more and more people are turning to us as they know that we supply Salisbury new patios that are out of this world. Prospective buyers are drawn to properties that come with a patio and will be more inclined to pay for the privilege.

After a long day at work, you need a relaxing place to unwind. With our new patios in Salisbury, you will be free to relax while enjoying the fresh air. Plus, should you choose to add a gazebo, patio blinds and heaters, you will be free to enjoy the benefits of your Salisbury new patios 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

Why choose Ace Driveways for new patios in Salisbury?

If you are looking for a prompt and reliable service that offers 24 hour customer support, then look no further than Ace Driveways. Our expert new patios Salisbury team have more than 30 years’ of experience in delivering a service that is both friendly and efficient. When it comes to your patio, it pays to hire a company who puts your needs first. At Ace Driveways, we are dedicated to supplying Salisbury new patios that exceed all expectations.

We always strive for excellence which is why we source our products from only the most trusted suppliers to ensure the best quality imaginable for your new patios in Salisbury. From fencing and tarmac to landscaping and the best new patios Salisbury has to offer, nothing is beyond our capabilities.

Our commitment to offering outstanding workmanship has earned us the admiration of customers and competitors alike. To maintain our reputation we ensure that each member of our team has been trained to the highest standard so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonials that some of our customers have regarding their new patios Salisbury experience.

With so much to offer and prices that are the lowest in the industry, it is little wonder we are the finest supplier of new patios Salisbury has experienced.


Enquire about our new patios in Salisbury today. Get in contact with the friendly team at Ace Driveways on 01264 315588 and see how we can help.