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Block Paving in Andover

Block Paving Driveway

As a company, Ace Driveways have been providing customers in Andover with a wonderful block paving service for many years. Having this service installed on your property will add a lovely clean vibe, and it will also act as a nice contrast to your home.  By choosing our company, you can be certain that you will receive a high quality paving service that adds an exquisite charm to your home. We offer customers the chance to have a block paving driveway in the following areas:

  • Andover
  • Weyhill
  • Picket Piece and more

The Advantages of a Block Paving Driveway

Since it consists solely of interlocking paving bricks, the block paving driveway has one main advantage over other driveways in that it is very easy to install onto most forecourts. Block paving is also very popular as we are able to customise it to the tastes of all property owners. Many customers become excited as we are able to offer a large variety of different colours and patterns.

Another great benefit of a block paving driveway is that it can be easily fixed if the driveway becomes damaged at any point. We can quickly replace broken or damaged blocks and sections as and when required. This makes the block paving driveway a very cost effective solution for many of our customers.

An additional benefit is that it will add a uniform look to your home. Estate agents have said that installing a new driveway immediately boosts the value of most homes and it will make your home seem more attractive to buyers.

What to Expect From Ace Driveways

At Ace Driveways, we believe in treating every job and client as an individual. After your initial contact, we will work hard with you to tailor your block paving driveway to all of your requirements and stipulations. As a result, you will receive a block paving driveway that has been customised to all the needs of your house in Andover.  By selecting our company, our customers can be certain that they will receive a driveway that has been crafted by expert workmen. Our finished product will impress you, your family and neighbours alike.  Throughout all work, you can expect our staff to be polite and well mannered at all times.

The Ace Driveways Customer’s Guarantee

Unlike our competitors, Ace Driveways offers our all of our clients a no obligation and no fee quotation for our block paving services. In addition, we offer a fixed quote for our Andover block paving driveway work. We will not charge you any hidden evil extras like some companies do.

The only time that there would be any change made to a set quote will be if there is a request on the customer’s part for any additional work. Before we charge and add any extra amounts to the set quote, we will discuss the change in price with you, prior to the commencement, of the work. This will ensure that you are completely happy with the change in price.

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If you want to give your driveway a lovely makeover that is guaranteed to impress you, your family, friends and neighbours, call Ace Driveways today on 01264 315588 to get your free quote.


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