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Driveway Refurbishment in Andover

As well as providing customers with amazing driveways, Ace Driveways also provide a complete driveway refurbishment for your driveways in Andover.  Sadly a lot of driveways are left neglected as property owners may not have the funds or time to sort out their driveway. With years of expertise, you can be certain that your driveway is in safe hands when you choose Ace Driveways. We will dedicate ourselves in restoring your driveway to its former glory.

What Ace Driveways Can Do For You?

Ace Driveways have years of experience in providing customers with driveways in Andover that have become renowned for their quality and long-lasting nature. We understand that over time, driveways are susceptible to damage and deterioration through age.

Over the years, we have found that a common cause for general driveway deterioration is due to simple neglect. Ace Driveways will commit as a company to repairing and restoring your driveway to its former glory. Our experience and knowledge in the industry gives us an advantage over our competitors.

We offer customers a complete refurbishment service of all driveways types. So whether you have problems with your block paving driveway, tarmac driveway or more, we can rectify most problems.

Block paving driveways are often ruined by moss and weeds popping through the joints that make it look extremely unsightly. Over time, the sand joints disperse in the driveway, and the tiles can sink or spread which can ruin the appearance and usefulness of the driveway.

We are able to restore pattern imprinted concrete driveways to their previous state. Ace Driveways, we can also refurbish tarmac driveways with an additional layer of tarmac. Customers can be assured that refurbishment work carried out by our company will not be purely cosmetic. We will also work on improving the longevity of your driveway to ensure you have years and years of reliable service.

The Refurbishment Process

Typically, we begin refurbishment on driveways with a deep clean with a high pressure power wash. This will ensure that your driveway is stringently clean and that there is no hidden dirt in any of the crevices.  Once the driveway has dried, we will then begin our work.

If you have a pattern imprinted concrete driveway, we will fill the joints with a strong and durable joint filler. This helps extend the life of the driveway. Once this stage is complete, we reseal all joints with a high quality solids acrylic sealer through a brush or spray application.

For a block paving driveway, the whole driveway area will be covered in dried block paving sand after the deep clean.  During this process, we will ensure that all the joints are filled in and in between the individual blocks.  The job will then be completed with a specialist sealant made especially for block paving.

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