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Andover Block Paving

Is your driveway looking shabby? At BaseDriveways, we recommend you choose our Andover block paving services. Block paving has become one of the most popular paving solutions across the South Coast with a multitude of homes benefitting from its aesthetic appeal and durable qualities.

Block paving in Andover with BaseDrivewaysAndover Block Paving

With BaseDriveways, we will guide you through a smooth installation of your block paving, no matter how big or small the work requirement.

Block paving consist of interlocking paving blocks, selectively placed to create a beautifully designed patterns to your patio or driveways. One of the best things about our block paving services in Andover is that you can customise your designs to complement your property. Our services will tailor to your individual requirements and desires to give you an exclusive treatment on your property.

Discover more about our block paving in Andover service and how it will enhance the features of your property.

Advantages of our block paving

Would you like block paving on your driveway? Like many homes in Andover, block paving is one of the most aesthetically pleasing surfaces for your driveway. Its many qualities have driven homeowners to construct block paving to their property. Here at BaseDriveways, we have listed the many advantages block paving brings to your driveway including:

Custom versatility

As we have already mentioned, one the highlighting factors that have attracted homeowners to installing block paving to their property is its versatile customisation. Your block paving will be designed to complement your individual property.

Attractive solution

With a multitude of colours and designs available at BaseDriveways, you will be able to craft your block paving to any style or pattern you desire. Our block paving solution will add uniform to your home and enhance the exterior of your home with presentable and professional designs.


For many homeowners, you want to make sure your paving will last for years to come. Throughout all weathers, we can ensure that your block paving will be hard-wearing. We guarantee no chips or stone damage your property or vehicles with our block paving in Andover.

Low maintenance

Block paving is fitted with individual bricks. This means that if any damage should come to your block paving, your blocks can easily be fixed or replaced. Block paving is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the industry for its low maintenance and simple repairs.

The benefits of choosing BaseDriveways

We are specialists in applying paving solutions to homes across Andover. By investing in our Andover block paving service, your will be making the most of the following benefits we provide at BaseDriveways:

  • 50 years in the industry
  • Experienced construction
  • No hidden policies
  • No obligation and no fee quote
  • Professional services
  • Tailored designs

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