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Andover Patios

Do you want a patio for your Andover home? With years of experience in the home improvement industry, Ace Driveways have provided a wonderful service for many Andover properties. Our company will customise all patios to your exact specifications.

Great benefits of our patios in Andover

By selecting Ace Driveways, you will be able to reap the following benefits for your Andover home:

    • A patio unique to your home
    • Wide range of materials and sizes
    • Many different colour patios in stockBeautiful Patios
    • Different array of shapes

 The patio installation process

Are you curious to find out what happens when we install or design a patio? Prior to any installation, our team will conduct a thorough survey of the planned patio area. During the survey, the team will take a variety of measurements and go
through with all of our patio options. Once our team have completed the survey, we will confirm your patio selection and colour choice.

During the installation process, our team will refurbish your entire garden using the best equipment and methods into the specified patio layout. After the last block has been placed down and secured, the team will clean the garden to ensure a spotless finish.

Why choose Ace Driveways?

Ace Driveways offers competitive prices on all of our patios in Andover. If you are thinking about the decision to install a patio, then save money with Ace Driveways without a compromise on our great service.

If you are unsure about taking the first steps to a new patio, call our team today for your free no obligation quotation. When you choose our services, it will be a decision that you will not regret as we have established over the years an unmatched reputation for great service and a great end product.

At Ace Driveways, high customer satisfaction is our paramount aim, and we are dedicated as a company to fulfilling all of the expectations and needs of our customers. By selecting our company, you can be assured that we will deliver 24 hour customer support for you and your Andover patio.

All jobs will be completed by highly trained staff who have years of experience in completing a wide range of patio jobs in Andover. Every job regardless of its size will be completed to the highest industry standards.

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If you are excited about the prospect of getting a new patio for your Andover home,  call our team today on 01264 748 066.